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Did you know??
February 3, 2023 IT Blog Oskar Zalupka

The first commercially available hard drive, the IBM Model 350, had 3.75 megabytes of storage and weighed over 900 kilograms. It cost $3,200 (Equivalent to $30,000 today) per month to run!

Need an upgrade?
August 10, 2022 IT Blog Oskar Zalupka

Do you feel like your old CCTV is no longer enough? Call Better IT and schedule your free survey today!

June 9, 2022 IT Blog Oskar Zalupka

Backup is a vital procedure of your computer. Without backup all your documents and progress may be lost within seconds, forever! Setting up backup seems to be easy, but if done wrong it won’t be effective.  

The old days…
image May 24, 2022 IT Blog Oskar Zalupka

  When 10MB Hard Disk drive was worth more than high end Gaming PC rig today.