About Us

We are a young and quickly developing IT company established in September 2017. We employ skilled people who have over 12 years experience working in various areas of Irish IT industry.


We specialise in IT cyber-security including preventive maintenance, penetration testing (searching for security vulnerabilities) and “post-mortem” remedies (restore/rebuild damaged systems, data recovery etc.)


The extensive list outlined below is a fraction of what we do but covers the main areas of our expertise:



Ad hoc and contract based B2B IT support


– from 1st to 3rd level IT support

– full system deployments

– hardware sales

– software licensing

– backup and recovery

– consulting

– remote support

– system integration

– networking design and deployment

– routing and firewalls

– preventive as well as active antivirus and anti-hacking solutions



Corporate Wi-Fi deployments


– indoor and outdoor

– BYOD and Guest networks with roaming clients

– secured VLAN environment



IP based CCTV – high quality 4K head and headless CCTV systems (fully licensed)


– as opposed to centralised installations where there is single point of failure, our camera systems and recorders are spread around to reduce potential risks, also each camera can include additional storage for photo and video recording captured

– maintenance and security of older types of CCTV systems


Intruder Alarms (fully licensed)


– wireless based intruder alarms – no mess, no cables, easy installation, cheap to maintain

– merging with CCTV (motion sensors/cameras trigger alarm and vice versa)



VoIP telephony


– migration from analog lines over to virtual providers

– call center deployments and configuration

– soft-phones and desk-phones office installation

– full 3rd party integration



Smart Home solutions


– unique modular solutions for all requirements, from helping disabled and elderly people to modern families

– smart heating – boiler and radiators

– smart gates, doors, blinds

– smart audio and video

– smart lights – we also supply all kinds of LED lighting

– integration with CCTV and intruder alarms


Web Design


– simple web design

– website hosting and migration

– email hosting and migration (Office 365, GApps etc.)

– domain registration

– website recovery



…and much more . . .

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Meet Our Team

PJ Jozefczyk PJ Jozefczyk Director, Senior IT Engineer
PJ Jozefczyk Director, Senior IT Engineer • Automatic system image deployment – SCCM • Patch Management • Continuous Security Monitoring • VMware, Hyper-V and View Profile