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Ransomware gang.
June 2, 2022 IT Blog Oskar Zalupka

Make sure your PC, laptop or any other device is well protected! The ransomware criminals have no mercy and will not decrypt your data without expensive fee. It’s better to prevent than cure! If you looking for security, look no more, Better IT Solutions is here for you!

Virus, Spywares, and End-user Education
October 25, 2019 Cyber Security PJ Jozefczyk

There are many types of computer viruses that might harm your system. Most of the virus will only cause a system to slow down or will create unnecessary files in the system. However, Spywares are not one of them. Spywares are used by the attackers in order to spy and keep an eye on a system. If spyware enters a system, it will send all the logs and data to the attacker. For instance, if someone installs spyware on your system, it will automatically send your files, important data, sensitive information to the attackers. Moreover, some of the advanced Spywares can also let attacker use your computer remotely. Meaning, the attacker will be able to control your computer from their location. Therefore, you should follow all the security measures and make sure in order to keep your system safe and secure. We will more about it later in this section.