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Types of Attacks
October 25, 2019 Cyber Security PJ Jozefczyk

There are different types of attacks used by attackers to compromise a system. Below given are the most common kind of threats or attacks.   Malware The first one is a simple malware attack. Some of the malicious software or even malicious code can harm a computer. Some of the malware are called viruses, trojans, etc. These will slow down your computer making it difficult for the user to access the website. There are Spywares that will compromise your system. A keylogger will store and send all the keystrokes to the attackers including sensitive information such as passwords and credit card pin.     Phishing Attacks Phishing is a practice where a fake page exactly similar to the original one is created. The fake link is then sent to the user. When the user enters the information on that particular web-page, the information directly goes to the attacker. This kind of attack is done by SMS, Phone calls, or email. Here, the user’s consent is necessary. Therefore, by using one or the other way, the attacker will send the link of the fake page to the user in order to get the information.     Social Engineering Social Engineering is where the attacker will manipulate the user and convince them to give their information. For instance, an attacker will call the user claiming that they are from a particular bank and for security reasons, they will need your password. A naive user will provide the username and password over here. Using this, the attacker will steal the information.     Other threats and attacks These are the most common attacks. There are many more attacks which are mostly for the websites and the application. To name a few, the attacks include DDoS attack, Cross-Site scripting XSS, SQL Injection, etc. This does not occur directly on the individual but on the website or an application. Therefore, when implementing application security, it is necessary to make sure that the application has protection from all these.