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Cyber Security for Home Users
November 1, 2019 Cyber Security PJ Jozefczyk

As these many attacks are going on, it is necessary to keep yourself secured. As an end-user, there are certain things that you can keep in mind for your protection and cyber-security. The best way you can be safe from these attackers is by installing an antivirus or anti-spyware software on your system. There are many antivirus tools out there that provide you complete protection from all the users. You can easily install it and get 24/7 protection. Mostly these antiviruses will keep you safe from all the viruses that will slow down your computer, Spywares, and key-loggers that will steal your information and will also keep away all the other malware that will affect your computer. Choose the best antivirus out there in the market. As some of the viruses or malware are hidden directly on your system’s MBR (Master Boot Record). The antivirus you choose to go with must-have capabilities to remove all the malicious code directly from there. It should also offer web protection for your online activities. Moreover, along with system security, it is necessary to keep an eye on online activity. You can simply check the URL of the website before entering the details. If it is a financial website or you are making a transaction, make sure there is HTTPS written on the URL Bar. You can also see if there is a green lock button that appears on the URL bar. This means that the transaction you are doing is safe. If you take all the security measures properly, you can be completely secured.