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Did you know??
February 3, 2023 IT Blog Oskar Zalupka

The first commercially available hard drive, the IBM Model 350, had 3.75 megabytes of storage and weighed over 900 kilograms. It cost $3,200 (Equivalent to $30,000 today) per month to run!

What is Cyber Security
October 25, 2019 Cyber Security PJ Jozefczyk

Cyber Security is a process or we can say the practice of protecting your online activity and electronic devices from unwanted access and attacks. In other words, the process of securing your computer, mobile phone, website server, CCTVs, or any other electronic device from attacks is cyber security. People often call Cyber Security as Information security as it is all about hiding and protecting sensitive information. Cyber security is not only used in the online world but also used in many other places. For instance, it is used in mobile computing, business, website or application security, and many other places.