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Types of Cyber Security
October 25, 2019 Cyber Security PJ Jozefczyk

To make things simple, Cyber Security has various categories. Each of these categories has a specific context. Below given are the main categories in which Cyber Security can be classified.   Network Security Network security is all about securing your computer network from unwanted access. Whether it is a single computer network or a hub connecting various computer networks, all of these are counted as same. Hence, securing these platforms is considered as Network Security.   Application Security Application Security is the process of securing any type of online website, application, or software from a threat. It is mostly taken into consideration from the first design phase. Later on, in the development phase, the developer enhances security methods.   Infrastructure Security The entire infrastructure on which the society relies on needs to be secure. This includes but is not limited to Electronic grid, traffic lights, hospitals, water purification, etc. If there is an attack on any of these, the entire society will suffer in one way or the other. Therefore, securing these infrastructures is the most crucial part. Hence, there is a complete monitoring team set along with all the cybersecurity measures to prevent attacks.   Cloud Security We all use the cloud in one way or the other. All the data is stored in the cloud storage or in your email storage must be protected. Cloud security consists of not only securing the end-user but the entire network from attacks and threats. Cloud holds many sensitive data which should not go in the wrong hands. The process of securing information is also known as Information security, which brings us to the next type.   Information Security Basically, Information Security means securing any sensitive information. Information can be anything starting from contact names to all different kinds of sensitive information such as username, passwords, photos, videos, or any other files. Here, the goal is to prevent unknown access and also keep the integrity of the files.