Digital CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Supervise your business from anywhere. Manage your business remotely with Better IT Solutions




  • What is Digital CCTV Surveillance?


CCTV – Closed-Circuit TeleVision, also known as video surveillance capture image and/or video recording and transmit it to be stored securely for further reference.


  • How it works?


 Capture > Record (DVR/NVR/microSD Card) > View (Software/App) > Integrate (Alarm trigger/Sensors-Doors/windows)


  • Why Better IT Solutions?


 We will build the most accurate security solution for your needs, protecting your business, further maintenance and GDPR compliant



IP based CCTV – high quality 4K head and headless CCTV systems (fully licensed)



In opposite to centralised installations where there is single point of failure, our camera systems and recorders are spread around to reduce potential risks, also each camera can include additional storage for photo and video recording captured

– maintenance and security of older types of CCTV systems



Intruder Alarms (fully licensed)


– wireless based intruder alarms – no mess, no cables, easy installation, cheap to maintain

– merging with CCTV (motion sensors/cameras trigger alarm or opposite)